Prices are in Canadian funds and subject to HST (US buyers exempt). 

Please click on the name for more information.  Check into your registry of choice before purchase. 

Dry shipper available for rental to ship anywhere in North America!  Rental fee 250$ CDN plus tax.  

Email me at hanselpacker@hotmail.com to place your order.



Arrian: Al Capone/Orbis xx/ Weiler $700 per 8 straw dose.

Bonheur: Brentano II/Roncalli xx/Glander 700$ per 8 straw dose.

Dauphin: Donnerhall/Feiner Stern/Pik Ramiro 800$ per 8 straw dose.

Donnerhall: (Donnerwetter/Markus/Carnot) 1,000$ per ICSI straw.

Lokomotion:(Lordanos/Landsieger/Furioso II) 800$ per dose.

Lord Laurie: Lord Loxley/Lauries Crusader xx  650$ per 8 straw dose.

Rapture R: Rotspon/Donnerhall/Weltmeyer $700 per 8 straw dose. Stored in US.

Rienzi: (Raphael/Bolero/Lombard) $700 per 5 straw dose.

Rockefeller: (Rohdiamant/Grundstein II/Akzent II) $800 per dose.

Schwarzenegger: Sion/Calypso II/Graphit/Gotthard 1,500$ per 6 straw dose.

Le Rouge: $700 for 4 straw dose.

Heinrich Heine: $560 for 3 straw dose, 2 doses available. 

Don Martillo: $1,200 for 4 straw dose.

Weltruhm: $400 for 4 straws (1/2 dose).