Photo Above: Swan Song (Schwarzenegger/World Cup IV/Matcho AA)


Some questions to think about when breeding your mare:

  • What are my mare's strengths?
  • What are my mare's weaknesses?
  • What are my breeding goals?
  • What is the intended use of the foal?                                  

It is with these answers that I can help match-make.  I am happy to discuss the stallions' strengths and weaknesses, and can help determine the most appropriate choice for your breeding goals.  No horse is perfect, but an educated breeding plan is the best policy to hedge your bets for success.

When ordering a collection from the stallions, 24 hours notice is preferred prior to collection.  For those with overnight shipping, this means 48 hours before you would like to breed. This helps with the daily farm plan and gives adequate notice to the couriers.  Mare owners need their own Fedex Account number, set it up in advance. 


What to expect when buying a youngster and some helpful hints on the transition.

The foals have grown up in a small herd environment, they are use to some stalling, have been lead, feet picked up, loaded on a trailer,  and dewormed.  These skills are not set in stone and will need repetition. 


  •   Have a safe turnout buddy for the youngster before introducing more (introduction in a neighboring stall is a nice practice).
  •   Have the stall front closed in and a top door if you have Dutch doors, this prevents accidents with a youngster that doesn't quite have the confidence of an older horse.
  •   Introduce new skills gradually: ie cross tying, blanketing, etc to ensure they have a positive experience.
  •   A calm and quiet atmosphere is the best place to learn a new skill, there is always time to introduce more distraction but early on set them up for success.
  •   Set boundaries-we have a policy where "manners are not optional", this means being firm but fair.  No pushing, nipping, or pinning ears.
  •   We do not hand feed treats, we understand that many horse owners love to, we recommend that boundaries are established and maintained.
  •   The big one, relax and enjoy them, they are curious little ones that love learning. 

We offer a loyalty discount to repeat purchasers, 10% off of your next purchase.  

East Coast Warmbloods:

This is a breeding cooperative that works together to give buyers access to many horses in one trip.  This is accomplished by using a directory, map, and FB sales listing of warmblood horses in the Maritimes.  It is with this group effort that we help promote the best match for our youngsters.