Rockel (Rockefeller/Schwarzenegger/Brentano II) 2023 Hanoverian colt sold to Nova Scotia, Canada.
Photo Credit: Amanda Stright

Rosebank (Rapture R/Ruiz Soler/Donnerhall) 2023 Hanoverian filly sold to Michigan, USA.
Photo Credit: Amanda Stright

Delta (Dauphin/Rienzi/Wenzel) 2022 Hanoverian filly sold to WA, USA. 
Photo credit: Amanda Stright.

Rosalie (Rockefeller/Dauphin/Weltmeyer) 2023 HV filly sold to NB, Canada.
Photo Credit: Amanda Stright.

Demoiselle (Dauphin/Schwarzenegger/Brentano II) 2023 HV filly sold to NB, Canada. 
Photo credit: Amanda Stright.

Rustico (Rapture R/Riemzi/Davignon) 2022 HV colt.  Sold to Vermont, USA.

Strava (Schwarzenegger/Ruiz Soler/Donnerhall) 2021 HV filly sold to MD, USA.

Regalia (Rapture R/Dauphin/Sandro Hit) 2022 HV filly sold to ON, Canada.

Duet (Dauphin/Brentano II/Imperator) 2021 HV filly sold to ON, Canada. 

Dabster (Dauphin/Brentano II/Imperator) 2022 HV colt sold to BC, Canada.

Diamond Noir (Dauphin/Rienzi/Wenzel) 2022 Hanoverian filly sold to BC, Canada.

Riga (Rapture R/Schwarzenegger/Donnerhall) 2021 Hanoverian filly sold to PEI, Canada. 

Dinoco (Dauphin/Rienzi/Wenzel) 2021 HV colt sold to NS, Canada.

Reverie (Rapture R/Rienzi/Davignon) 2021 HV filly sold to NS Canada.

Delcina (Dauphin/Schwarzenegger/Donnerhall) 2019 HV filly sold to ON, Canada.

Athos (Arrian/Lauries Crusador/Bolero) 2021 HV colt sold to ON, Canada.

Dyanthus (Dauphin/Rienzi/Wenzel) 2021 HV filly sold to VA, USA.

Stanhope (Schwarzenegger/Dauphin/Weltmeyer) 2020 HV filly sold to ON, Canada.

Durant (Dauphin/Schwarzenegger/Donnerhall) 2020 HV colt sold to ON, Canada

Santerina (Schwarzenegger/Donnerhall/Pik Senior) 2015 HV mare sold to NL, Canada.

Strika ( Schwarzenegger/Ruiz Soler/Donnerhall) 2020 HV filly sold to MD, USA. 

Dalvay (Dauphin/Rienzi/Davignon) 2020 HV filly.  Sold to MD, USA. 

Dyneema (Dauphin/Brentano II/Imperator) 2018 HV filly sold to PEI.

Bellmora (Bonheur/Patras VR/Rio Grande) 2016 HV mare sold to Florida.

Siskel (Schwarzenegger/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) 2014 HV gelding sold to PEI.

Bellevue (Bonheur/World Cup IV/Matcho AA) 2015 HV gelding sold to NS.

Da Solstice (Dauphin/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) 2019 filly sold to Florida, USA. 

Steinway: 2019 colt by Schwarzenegger and out of SPS Brentacia.  Sold to an eventing home in NB.  

Dark Dreamer (Dauphin/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) 2017 filly sold to Ontario, Canada.

Day Dreamer (Dauphin/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) 2018 colt sold to Florida, USA. 

Soldato (Schwarzenegger/Rienzi/Davignon) 2018 HV colt sold to PEI, Canada.

Swan Song (Schwarzenegger/World Cup IV/Matcho AA) 2016 HV filly sold to NC, USA.

Legato (Londonderry/Dauphin/Weltmeyer) 2018 HV colt sold to Nancy Murray of NS, Canada.
Photo Credit: Amanda Stright

Esprentina NPF (Sir Oldenburg/Florestan/Phonix) 2009 KWPN mare and her 2018 colt Dalton by Dauphin sold to a breeding home in Michigan, USA.

Stellarton (Schwarzenegger/Fabriano/Prince Orac xx) 2017 HV colt sold to an eventing home in Nova Scotia, CA. 
Photo Credit: Amanda Stright.

Belfast (Bonheur/Autocrat/Warkanson) 2014 HV gelding sold to Starr Strother from Virginia, USA.
Photo Credit: Amanda Stright

Fairview (Furst Nymphenburg/Brentano II/Imperator) 2017 HV filly sold to Michelle DeGarie of New Brunswick.

pc Jackie Harlow

Saga (Schwarzenegger/Landkonig/Diamont) 2016 HV filly sold to Matthew Straight of New Brunswick.

Wolkentanz's Willow HB (Wolkentanz II/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan) 2016 HV filly sold to Maryland, USA.

Belgrade (Bonheur/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) 2016 HV colt sold to NB. 

Hallstatt (Harvard/Weltruhm/Donnerhall)

has found a wonderful new home with Heidi Lightle of Ontario.  It will be great fun to see this big fellow in the dressage ring.  Congratulations on your purchase!


Very excited to announce the sale of Sentry (Schwarzenegger/Hampton/Dauphin) to Mike and Diane Richard of Fredericton, NB. Sentry is lucky to call home with his older half-sibling Salvador (Schwarzenegger/Certus/Welfenschatz). I am making travel plans to watch these young geldings in the ring.

Photo credit: Jackie Harlow

(Bonheur/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan)
We wish a big congratulations to Independence Acres of Pinette, PEI on their purchase of Bedeque, a 2015 Hanoverian gelding.  He is going to enjoy the equitation, hunter, and dressage ring with Lisa Hubley in the stirrups.  Looking forward to cheering them on.

Highland Lily

Excited to announce the sale of
Highland Lily (Hampton/Dauphin/Wonderland) and her 2016 foal
to Virginia Cooke and Dr. Andrew Kielly of Capall Warmbloods.  Can't wait to see what she produces!  Lily will be moving to beautiful Point Prim, PEI.


Congratulations to Mike and Diane Richard on their purchase of Salvador (Schwarzenegger/Certus/Welfenschatz).  Salvador is a 2014 HV gelding that has the most trusting personality, and is beautifully put together.  We are excited to follow him with the Richards as they work towards the hunter ring.  Sold to Fredericton, NB.


A big congratulations to Lisa and Rachel on their purchase of Atlanta (Autocrat/Warkanson/Lucid/Wendekreis). Atlanta is a 2009 HV mare we bred on the farm, she is the dam of Solara (Schwarzenegger), and Belfast (Bonheur). For those that enjoy the damlines, Wargana/Lugana/Wanda. This is so neat and I am very happy for all involved.
Photo of Lisa and Atlanta from summer 2014 during a cross-country clinic in PEI.  Sold to NB and ON.



Photo by Amanda Stright:

Sold to PEI.  Congratulations to Virginia Cooke and Andrew Kielly.  We look forward to seeing future generations and to watching Safira in the dressage ring :)

Hanoverian filly born June 1st, 2014

Safira (Schwarzenegger/World Cup IV/Matcho AA).  By Schwarzenegger and out of EM Werra.

This feminine filly is so sweet!  She is uphill and elastic showing a super overtrack at the walk, quite a bit of knee and hock action at the trot, and an exuberant  canter that looks very comfortable.   I suspect she would be suitable as either a dressage horse or a jumper.  


Spin Doctor:


Born July 14th, 2012
Hanoverian Gelding (Schwarzenegger/Landkonig/Diamont/Irepeat xx)

Lantina x Schwarzenegger. Hunter/Jumping/Eventing/Dressage

SOLD to New Brunswick.  Congratulations to Matthew and Jessica Straight and family.

With these bloodlines this two year old gelding should be as dual-purpose as they come. Lantina has super hunter movement and a great jump, which she comes by from her sire Landkonig and her dam DJannon (a lovely Diamont mare that showed at 3rd level, won horse of the year in combined training in Idaho, and scored an overall 8 at her inspection). Lantina's mind is top notch, she is as sweet as can be, and gives you total trust in everything you ask of her. Schwarzenegger is my dream horse, with such a super mind, dual-talent, and beauty. Schwarzenegger's dam was bred to Landadel (sire of Landkoenig) several times to produce licensed jumper stallions and top producing mares. Available to a fantastic home and expected to finish around 16.2hh.

Please click to see Photo Album



 Photo by Jackie Harlow

Hanoverian colt born May 7th, 2014

Selkirk (Schwarzenegger/Diamond Hit/Romancero H) By Schwarzenegger and out of MSB Diamond Days

Dressage prospect:  SOLD to Maryland, USA!  Congratulations to the new owners.

This beautiful colt will make a dressage rider very happy, he has three expressive gaits that he uses to his full potential.  He has a very quiet and steady mind and will be an easy to work with young horse.  He has the quality to be a stallion prospect.

Winsloe: SOLD to Annette MacQuarrie of NS.  This powerful colt has been sold as an upper level dressage and stallion prospect.  I can't wait to see this amazing colt competing, and what a good home to help him get there.  Congratulations on your purchase!



Winsloe (Wolkentanz II/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan)

This spectacular colt promises to be a contender for the big ring.  He has all the ingredients to make an enjoyable partner that will be highly competitive.

Svenja-SOLD in-utero to Kim Pennie of Nova Scotia.  Svenja (Schwarzenegger/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) is an absolutely stunning filly that will be a tremendous contender in the dressage ring and breeding shed.  Congratulations!

Servos-SOLD Congratulations to Heather Van Agten on her purchase of Servos (Schwarzenegger/World Cup IV/Matcho AA). He has been purchased as a GP dressage prospect and we are excited to see him in such a super training situation.


June 18th, 2013 Black Hanoverian Colt

Werra x Schwarzenegger

This big fellow looks like black beauty, with gorgeous markings and size he will be hard to miss in his beautiful black wrapper. Personality plus with dynamic gaits, this fellow will steal your heart. I expect him to finish ~16.3hh and see definite dual-purpose ability. This lovely colt has so much presence and trusts his handler for guidance. You cannot ask for a more striking looking colt to ride into the ring with.




Reconnaissance: SOLD Congratulations to Ela Ladwig of Kentucky, USA on her purchase of a future dressage partner and breeding stallion.


Photo: Amanda Stright

June 17th, 2013 black Hanoverian colt (Rubignon/Landkonig/Diamont)

Lantina x Rubignon

This lovely colt is sweet and personable and should finish 16.2hh+. "Reco" as he is called around the barn, has breathtaking movement, a big canter, and super super trot with an evenness that is very impressive. His hocks are like big pistons firing him forward, he is pretty fun and if we were in the market for another stallion this would likely be it.

VIDEO:,, New Video

Please click on link to his Photo Album



Bonestina: Congratulations to Leslie Melvin on her purchase of this lovely filly! 

May 20th, 2013 liver chestnut Hanoverian filly (Bonheur/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan I)

Esprentina NPF x Bonheur : Dressage prospect


This gorgeous filly is so sweet and such a mover! She promises to make an amazing dressage partner with her lofty gaits. Her movement is big and ground covering and looks to be very fun. She has her fair share of white with three socks and a big crooked star and a snip. She should finish around 16.1hh and is registered with the German Hanoverian Verband.


Photo: Amanda Stright

Photo: Shannon Brooks




Marina-SOLD. Congratulations to Leslie Melvin of Hartland, NB on her purchase.  Hope to see you two at island shows :)

(My Imperial Slew xx/Lucid/Wendekreis)

2009 American Hanoverian Society COP 16.1hh. 

Super sweet and outgoing mare that is a dressage horse through and through. She is one of the top movers on the farm among a strong group of mover and shakers. Marina was lightly started under saddle spring 2012 prior to being bred, she is light and forward and is very very nice.

Marina's dam Lugana was successfully evented in Ontario before being retired into breeding. Marina's sire was a successful track winner that went on to stand at an eventing barn.

Several other siblings out of Lugana have gone on to do well in the performance arena (such as the hunter named "Manhattan", the up and coming versatile "Wargana", the dressage/hunter mare "Wyonya", and a broodmare named "Elaina" that produced the 2006 Grand Champion mare at the Royal Winter Fair and a CWBHA stallion later bought by Eric Lamaze.)




Sangria-SOLD. Congratulations to Leslie Melvin of Hartland, NB on her purchase. 

April 22nd, 2013 CWHBA Filly (Schwarzenegger/MyImperialSlew xx/Lucid/Wendekreis)

Marina x Schwarzenegger

Day 1: Day 4:

For those that have seen Marina and Schwarzenegger move, here is a super filly. Sangria has a lovely temperment and is friendly and outgoing. Her movement is a joy to watch: her walk is long and ground covering, her trot is expressive with a great deal of knee and hock action, and her canter is so adjustible-going from a canter pirouette to a big uphill stride. She is so balanced! Her changes come so naturally.

Sangria's conformation is spot on, with a beautiful head and expression, a super topline, and an engine of a hindquarter.

Marina's dam Lugana is from the Hanoverian mareline 1187603 Nordenburg - Becker, Voigtding (Neuhaus), it has produced many super dressage horses. Marina is the last foal out of Lugana, and has many successful maternal siblings.

Sangria is a stunning bay filly with star, connected stripe, snip, and 3 white socks.

This is a filly that someone will treasure.

Photo at 30 minutes old.



Solara: SOLD to Bonnie Zabirka of Ontario, congratulations!

August 2nd, 2012 Hanoverian filly. (Schwarzenegger/Autocrat/Warkanson/Lucid/Wendekreis)

Atlanta x Schwarzenegger. Dressage:


Solara's movement is very strong with superb basic gaits. She is very very conformationally correct. This filly is so personable and sweet with so much presence. When comparing photos of Schwarzenegger as a foal, Solara looks just like him. I can't say enough good things about this zesty filly, with her high set neck and beautifully expressive face-she will steal your heart. She will be black/brown and does not carry a red gene. Solara's dam Atlanta is an elegant, refined mare with an outstanding trot and super jump. Atlanta's sire Autocrat is a successful PSG dressage horse and her dam Wargana is doing well in a hunter/eventing home. The dam line has produced several competitive offspring from hunters to dressage horses known for their rideability and great minds. Atlanta is a laid back mare that you can rev up and bring right back down. She loves people and is another one that will try anything you ask of her. Schwarzenegger is my dream horse, with such a super mind, dual-talent, and beauty. With these two as parents, Solara is set to do great things.

Solara will make somebody very happy and is expected to finish 16.1hh.



Free Verse Alleluia-SOLD

Congratulations to Dr.Susi Spicer DVM on her purchase of Allie, I am looking forward to progress reports :)

2002 registered Trakehner Mare, approved for breediung by the German Hanoverian Verband. By Feuertanzer out of a Kalluster/Donauwind mare.



Round Robin: Sold Congratulations to Marlene Snyder of Nova Scotia, we wish her all the best and look forward to visiting her and Robin from time to time!

Round Robin- Dark Brown Registered Hanoverian Gelding 16.3 hh DOB May 2006.

Robin's pedigree includes some of the great dressage horses Rotspon (Rubinstein)/Don Gregory (Donnerhall)/Brentano II (Bolero). His dam line is strong as well, his dam St.Pr. Desiree is a third generation States Premium mare. She produced one filly in Germany that did very well in the foal show, and two colts in Canada that sold to dressage stables in California.

Robin's movement was the buying point for me as he was/is simply beautiful. All three basic gaits are far above average. He has a great front end and alot of reach from behind. His canter is very interesting as he can really sit showing a tremendous natural ability to collect but still has super extension. His uphill build and natural freedom makes for quite the picture. Best of all, his temperment. He is well worth a second look as he is VERY quiet, easy to work with, and affectionate.



Wargana-Sold- Congratulations to Chloe and Vicki of Moncton, NB on their purchase of Wargana. I am looking forward to seeing how they progress and wish them all the best in the future.


Registered, branded, and approved Main Studbook Hanoverian mare (Warkanson/Lucid/Wendekreis). DOB April 2004. She stands 15.2 hh, though out of a 16.1 1/2hh dam and a 16.2hh sire. Flashy and personable, with the sweetest temperment under saddle. Wargana is refined and well-proportioned with hunter-type movement. She occasionally shows a flash of brilliance at liberty with a beautiful suspended trot that snaps up her knees and hocks and just seems to hover. She shows much promise for what she could be with more training.

Her pedigree is quite versatile as her dam Lugana was a successful eventer before being retired into breeding (see mare's page). There are several other siblings out of Lugana that have gone on to do well in the performance arena as well as the breeding shed. ex: Manhattan (hunter gelding) who is owned by the Driscolls, Wyonya (dressage mare) who is owned by the Tweels, and Elaina (successful broodmare that produced the 2006 Grand Champion mare at the Royal Winter Fair and a CWBHA stallion later bought by Eric Lamaze) who was owned by Sylvia Dickson.

About her sire: "Warkanson is a modern Hanoverian Stallion with excellent conformation and elegant movement. His world-renowned bloodlines gave him the genetics to show natural talent for all disciplines. Warkanson's sire Warkant earned the prestigious award of "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2002" due to the outstanding performance of his offspring at the highest level of dressage (eg. Wahajama Unicef ridden by Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff). Warkanson's dam sire, Esprit became famous through producing many internationally competitive jumpers (eg. E.T. ridden by Hugo Simon). Warkanson was imported to Canada (1998) after completing the 11-Month Performance Test in Adelheidsdorf, Germany, successfully with an index of 104.7 pts; equally strong in dressage and jumping. He is one of only four stallions in all of Western Canada approved for breeding by the German Hanoverian Association, the association with the strictest selection protocol worldwide. After standing six years at stud in Canada, it is obvious that Warkanson's foals inherit his wonderful movement and temperament. Every year they achieve top placings at Foal Futurities, CSH as well as CWBH (eg. Lostris- CSH Champion Alberta 2000 and Wyman - CWB Champion 2001 Alberta South). In 2003 his first offspring collected ribbons and championships in a variety of show rings: dressage, hunter, jumper, and also eventing. For example, the Warkanson offspring Wurlitzer (Lind Poulsen), was titled Grand Champion Jumper-Dressage Suitability by the B.C. Chapter Breeders Classic Results." © Equitop Farm

With Wargana's multi-purpose bloodlines she could easily be directed in her rider's preferred discipline.

Wargana produced a beautiful black filly named Atlanta on May 6th 2009! The sire, Autocrat, an approved 16.3hh Hanoverian stallion can be seen at Crooked Creek/Woodhaven Farms The filly was branded and registered with the German Hanoverian Society.





Lugana- 1987 Main Studbook Hanoverian mare 168 cm. Black with small star, and short rear sock.

(Lucid/Wendekreis/Waidmannsdank xx).

Lugana was successful evented before being retired after injury into breeding. She has produced several successful Hanoverian offspring by stallions such as Elute, Rodero, Mattgold, 3 Fillies by Warkanson, Royal Prince, and a 2009 filly by a Thrbd stallion "My Imperial Slew".