The idea of breeding dogs has been something that has interested me since a child.  My father bred Boxers and it has been something that has intrigued me. 
Having had Dobermans in the household for the last 10 years, I am amazed by their charm and zest for life.  Often described as fearless, loyal, watchful, they are a breed that inspires with their power, speed, beauty, and love for theirs owners.  

Deci was purchased from a breeder in Maryland, USA in early 2016 as a breeding prospect.  She is from European lines and shows the aptitude of a working dog.  She has stamina, drive, and intense focus.  She has been an asset to the farm.  She alerts me to visitors, is aware of the perimeter, hunts vermin, is a running companion, and warms behind my knees while I sleep.  She is affectionate and clear minded and loves tasks.
She has been the dog of a lifetime for me.  

DOB: November 24th, 2015

Liver panel: Normal
Kidney panel: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
OFA Elbows: TBD
Heart: Normal
Eyes: Normal

With this in mind I have started the process of getting set up to breed her in Spring 2019.  Puppies will be available to select homes. 
Price: 2,000$ CDN plus tax.