WELCOME...to Aileron Stables.

Aileron Stables is a small privately run Hanoverian breeding farm located on the eastern end of PEI, Canada.

The farm consists of seven broodmares, youngstock, and three Hanoverian stallions Schwarzenegger (pictured above), Bonheur (pictured middle), and Dauphin (pictured bottom).

We hope you enjoy browsing through the pages and who knows... maybe happen across your next great partner.




We enjoy having visitors, please touch base and line up a visit.  We look forward to seeing you here! 


Pictured below:  Solara (Schwarzenegger/Autocrat/Warkanson) 2012 HV filly




Pictured below: Bonestina (Bonheur/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan) 2013 HV filly



 Pictured Below:  3 Schwarzenegger foals from 2014.  From left to right: Svenja (Schwarzenegger/Weltruhm/Donnerhall),  Salvador (Schwarzenegger/Certus/Welfenschatz), and Siskel (Schwarzenegger/Weltruhm/Donnerhall).  Svenja and Siskel are full siblings born two days apart through embryo transfer.

Santerina (Schwarzenegger/Donnerhall/Pik Senior) 2015 embryo transfer filly we are retaining for our breeding program. Photo by Jackie Harlow.



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