Hello, my name is Ruth Hanselpacker and Hanoverian horses are my passion.  I originally hail from New Brunswick, Canada and have been involved with cattle and horses in some form or another most of  my life.   I completed a BSc in Biology at UPEI, and while studying here, fell in love with the island and decided to stay.  I was fortunate to find a beautiful former tobacco farm on the eastern end of the island in 2005.  The farm now consists of a 40 x 100 mare barn, a 28 x 56 stallion barn, a 75 x 150 outdoor arena, and 20 acres.  This is where Nick and I call home with the horses, and our three red Dobermans.

Nick hails from Nova Scotia, Canada and has a background in Environmental Science.  He is very much a can do type of person, tackling problems and projects with a head on approach.  He helps with the everyday aspects of the farm and is constantly working away to help the farm continue to move forward with projects.  His time is split fairly evenly between Alberta and PEI.

The breeding goals of the farm are to produce competitive dressage horses that are amateur friendly; we are breeding for quality movement and top notch minds.  The versatility of the mares' bloodlines offer both dressage and hunter suitable foals.    

The foals are handled from day one to help create enjoyable partners for life.  Being haltered, led, groomed, feet picked up, and loaded on a trailer.  The young ones come to think of you as good company and are not stressed out to be away from their buddies.  As two year olds they are lunged, tacked up, and leaned across.  As three year olds they are ready to start their introduction to walk/trot work and are often accompanied out on the trails by an older quiet trail buddy.  With this type of environment the four year olds are quite reasonable citizens ready to go in their most suitable discipline.  

Our mares are kept out 24/7 with access to shelters, free choice haylage, and mineral licks.  They are brought into stalls about a month before their foaling date, and continue to go in and out with their foals until the weather warrants leaving them out.  

Look forward to seeing you here.

Ruth and Nick