Expected Foals of 2016:

SPS Wonderful Dream x Bonheur ET-beautiful bay colt arrived May 21st.

SPS Wonderful Dream x Harvard-stunning black colt arrived May 21st.

MSB Esprentina NPF x Wolkentanz II-lovely chestnut filly arrived June 18th.

Reece H x Schwarzenegger ET-fantastic bay colt arrived July 5th.

EM Werra x Schwarzenegger-

Expected foals of 2015:

1) Schwarzenegger x Highland Lily: HV Black colt born April 9th, star/stripe/snip with two left socks.

2) Schwarzenegger x Dorina (via embryo transfer): HV Dark (grey) filly born May 27th, star and white on three feet.

3) Bonheur x Werra: HV Chestnut colt born June 24th.  Blaze/white chin and three stockings.

4) Bonheur x Esprentina NPF: HV Born July 7th. Dark Bay colt with a star and snip, white hind socks, and some white on front left.

Foals of 2015:

1) Sentry (Schwarzenegger/Hampton/Dauphin) Black colt with star/stripe/snip and two left socks born April 9th, 2015 at 1:30am.


2) Santerina (Schwarzenegger/Donnerhall/Pik Senior) Dark (grey) filly with small star and white on three feet.  Born on May 27th at 12:30am.

3) Bellevue (Bonheur/World Cup IV/Matcho AA) Chestnut colt born June 24th.  Blaze/white chin and three stockings.

4) Bedeque (Bonheur/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan) Dark bay colt born July 7th. Star, stripe, snip and white on 3 legs.

Expected foals of 2014:

1) Bonheur x Atlanta: HV-Arrived February 27th.  Colt

2) Schwarzenegger x Cindy: HV-Arrived May 20th. Colt

3) Schwarzenegger x Diamond Days: HV-Arrived May 7th. Colt

4) Wolkentanz II x Esprentina NPF: HV-Arrived June 14th. Colt

5) Schwarzenegger x EM Werra: HV-Arrived June 1st. Filly

6) Schwarzenegger x SPS Wonderful Dream: HV-Arrived July 12th . Filly

7) Schwarzenegger x SPS Wonderful Dream: HV-Arrived July 14th. Colt

8) Schwarzenegger x MSB Czaftig: HV-Arrived July 19th. Filly. RIP


Foals of 2014:

1) Belfast (Bonheur/Autocrat/Warkanson) Bay colt with star and right hind sock.

 2) Salvador (Schwarzenegger/Certus/Welfenschatz) Bay colt with star, snip and diagonal socks.


3) Selkirk (Schwarzenegger/Diamond Hit/Romancero H) Black Brown colt with star and three socks.


4) Safira (Schwarzenegger/World Cup IV/Matcho AA) Bay filly with blaze, white lip and one hind sock.

5) Winsloe (Wolkentanz II/Sir Oldenburg/Florestan) Chestnut colt with blaze and three socks.

6) Svenja (Schwarzenegger/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) Black Brown filly with tiny star and one small sock and ermine spots.

7) Siskel (Schwarzenegger/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) Black colt with star and one sock.  Embryo transfer, full sibling to Svenja.

Expected Foals of 2013:

1) Schwarzenegger x Marina: Arrived April 22nd. Filly

2) Bonheur x Esprentina NPF: Arrived May 20th. Filly

3) Schwarzenegger x SPS WonderfulDream: June 4th. Colt. RIP. 

4) Schwarzenegger x EM Werra: Arrived June 18th. Colt

5) Rubignon x Lantina: Arrived June 17th. Colt


Foals of 2013


4) Schwarzenegger x Werra: June 18th Stunning black colt with star, stripe, white lip, and three socks.


3) Rubignon x Lantina: June 17th Striking black colt with lightning bolt star.




2) Bonheur x Esprentina NPF: May 20th Lovely chestnut filly with star, snip, and three white socks.




1) Schwarzenegger x Marina: April 22nd. Super bay filly with star, connecting stripe, and snip with three white socks.





Foals of 2012:

1) Schwarzenegger x Lantina:  Spin Doctor:  Born July 14th, lovely bay colt with a super snip. 



2) Schwarzenegger x Atlanta:  Solara: Born August 2nd, gorgeous dark filly with 2 small socks.




Foal of 2011: Colt RIP

 MS Free Verse Alleluia   X  Wolkentanz II  born June 12th, 2011. 

Pictured below:  Winntago


 Foals of 2009: 2 fillies



Wargana (Han) x Autocrat (Han)  Born May 6th, 2009.  Black filly with a backwards C, and one half cannon sock.  Very leggy and quite compact with an uphill build and high neck set.  Atlanta is being retained as a breeding prospect.

 Short video of Day 1.  


Below:  Short video of Day 1.   

Above: Atlanta as a newborn.

Below: Wargana and Atlanta at 3 weeks. 











(My Imperial Slew xx/Lucid/Wendekreis)












Foals of 2008: 1 filly, 1 colt





Top: Lantina was constantly on the move,

her poor Dam (Shannon) was 21 years old

when she foaled and had a hard time

keeping up to this long legged galloper.  

Lantina is by the talented and prepotent sire

 Landkonig (pictured on the right) who stands in California, USA.

  He is the top jumper producing

Hanoverian in the US with a jumper

breedvalue of 135, and 140 for ability. 

For more pictures and information on 

Landkonig go to



This filly is being retained as a broodmare replacement for her dam.  With her strong performance pedigree, super temperment and correct conformation I am highly anticipating matchmaking to such dual -purpose bloodlines.  This filly is going to be a good size as she currently stands 16hh at 2 years old.  

Bottom: Lantina at 3 months.




Freedom "Jack"



Freedom "Jack", an August colt, out of ATA registered Free Verse Alleluia aka Allie and by the Canadian Trakehner Horse Society stallion Krusader. This flashy little colt was a handful  for the first two weeks but  settled into a personable and affectionate fellow.   He is a very expressive colt with high stepping active movement. 

These photos were taken by Jackie Harlow in September 2008 when Jack was 3 weeks old, (thanks so much for the nice shots.)