Foals are available in-utero.  A 25% deposit will hold the foal of your choice.  A PPE to be done by the buyer within the first week.  
All foals are priced at 17,000 CDN (plus tax if sold in Canada.)  All foals with be registered with the German Hanoverian Verband. 

MSB Tzitzi CF (Totilas/Fabriano/Prince Orac xx) x Rapture R (Rotspon/Donnerhall/Weltmeyer) 

PM Bellalula (Belissimo M/Weltruhm/Donnerhall) x Rockefeller (Rohdiamant/Grundstein II/Akzent II) 

MSB Duchess Alyce (Dauphin/Weltmeyer/Raphael) x Rockefeller (Rohdiamant/Grunstein II/Akzent II) 

MSB Rumor (Ruiz Soler/Donnerhall/Feiner Stern) x 
Rockefeller (Rohdiamant/Grundstein II/Akzent II) 

EM Rimini (Rienzi/Davignon/Weltmeyer) x Rockefeller (Rohdiamant/Grundstein II/Akzent II) 

MSB Darbee (Dauphin/Sandro Hit/Weltmeyer) x Rapture R (Rotspon/Donnerhall/Weltmeyer) ET

MSB Darbee (Dauphin/Sandro Hit/Weltmeyer) x  Rockefeller (Rohdiamant/Grundstein II/Akzent II) Colt option is sold, filly option available. 

MSB Rosslyn (Rienzi/Donnerhall/Feiner Stern) x Furst Nymphenburg (Florencio/De Niro/Argentinus) 

MSB Jazarma NPF (Quality Time/Hamlet) x Dauphin  (Donnerhall/Feiner Stern/Pik Ramiro)

MSB Sequel (Schwarzenegger/Brentano II/Imperator) x Rockefeller (Rohdiamant/Grundstein II/Akzent II)